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Developed by Kelly Vanden Bosch, the No-Pest Vent was originally a homegrown solution to keeping birds and rodents out of a family-owned apartment complex. Store-bought vents claiming to keep out pests failed to prevent the multitude of pests from entering  the vents.  After experiencing this problem first hand, Vanden Bosch designed and created the first No-Nest Vent.

Vanden Bosch’s customers claimed that the vents not only kept out birds, but other pests like mice, bees, squirrels, lizards, scorpions and more! With all that positive feedback, Vanden Bosch changed the name from “No-Nest Vent” to “No-Pest Vent.”

After creating the Low Profile Vent, Vanden Bosch created the J-Block and Wide Mount Vent. Then, the Soffit Vent and Fresh Air Intake were born. P-tec Products is continually evolving to produce the highest quality of products for their customers.

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Our exclusive design keeps pests out of your dryer and bathroom vents while reducing home energy costs. It’s the safest most efficient vent on the market.

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