Frequently Asked Questions

How does the No-Pest Vent keep birds out?

Answer: With our dual-door design, if pests are able to open the first of dual-doors, they cannot get past the second.

Does it take more airflow to open two doors rather than just one?

Answer:  Our design provides higher air efficiency than any of our competitors.  The dual-doors open with ease, unlike airflow restricting vents that have stationary doors or a ball to keep in suspension.

Will I need to install a screen onto the vent?

Answer: No, screens are a violation of code. They plug lint, which increases maintenance, lowers efficiency and can create a fire hazard.

Have any improvements been made to the product?

Answer: Yes, we believe in continuous improvement, which is why we are continually implementing changes and releasing new products based on our customer’s feedback.

Can I paint the No-Pest Vent?

Answer: Yes, as long as the paint is plastic-adhering.

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Installation Videos & Instructions

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