Dr. Duct LLC is a full service Dryer Vent Cleaning Co. We clean, repair, and install dryer vents to a service area of 35 miles, covering the Jersey shore coastal community from Atlantic City to Cape May. This service area is unique as a majority of the homes have dryer vents on the 2nd and 3 rd floor levels, making it a safe haven for birds and difficult to maintain. With the traditional louvered vent, birds have an easier entry and can nest comfortably and with a screened bird guard, lint gets congested much quicker.

Over the last three years I’ve installed hundreds of No Pest Vents in condominiums, apartment complexes and single family homes. The No Pest Vent solves the concerns of lint buildup and bird nesting, while also providing an easy cleanup process. After three years and hundreds of installments I’ve only had two complaints, one being that the vent flaps in the wind. The design was almost immediately improved and the problem was fixed. The second had to do with the bird trying so hard to get back into the vent that it injured itself in the process only further proving the effectiveness of the product. I’m Larry from Dr. Duct LLC and as a professional; I strongly recommend using the No Pest Vent because it simply works the best!


Dr. Duct LLC

I cannot say enough good things about the No-Pest Vent from P-tec Products Inc! I own and operate a Dryer Vent Wizard franchise and have been installing these vents for the past 3 and a half years since I started my business.

I have installed them on about 300 homes, and I guarantee each one to my customers, that if a bird is ever able to get into the vent pipe through this vent cove I will happily come out and remove the nest at no charge for as long as they live in the house. Not even one of those 300 customers has called me to say that a bird or any other pest has managed to get into the vent pipe!

This is far and away the most effective pest-proof vent cover I have found, and these covers do not use any kind of screen or cage to keep the birds out, so it cannot become clogged with lint and is therefore much safer to use than a screen or cage. Every home should have the No-Pest Vent if there are any birds living in the vicinity of the home. Thank you P-tec Products Inc. for a truly wonderful product that lives up to its billing!

Paul Baum

Franchise Owner, Dryer Vent Wizard

The No Pest Vent solves the concerns of lint buildup and bird nesting, while also providing an easy cleanup process.

– Larry from Dr. Duct LLC

I am the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Northeast Wisconsin. Dryer Vent Wizard cleans, repairs, and installs clothes dryer vents for residential and commercial buildings. I have been using the P-Tec No Pest Vent Cover for more than three years. I was impressed with this product the first time I saw it, but have become increasingly impressed as improvements have been made over time based on suggestions from the field. I am not sure how it could possibly be improved upon further…but if it can be improved P-Tec is the company to do it. 2009 ICC International Mechanical Code (IMC sec. 504.4) states, “dryer exhaust ducts for clothes dryers shall terminate on the outside of a building and shall be equipped with a back draft damper, screens shall not be installed at the duct termination…“

The P-Tec No Pest cover is one of very few that I feel meets this code as there is no screen or guard that catches lint and reduces air flow. The “dual door” design allows for consistent positive closure and in my opinion makes this product the most energy efficient vent cover on the market. Besides it’s pest resistance and energy efficiency benefits, this vent cover is nice looking and relatively easy to install. I have been very pleased to offer this product to my customers and have received extremely positive feedback from all that have allowed me to install it on their home or business.

Robb Vandenberg

Franchise Owner, Dryer Vent Wizard

I have managed apartments over 35 years and had a constant problem of birds nesting in our dryer vents every spring. Tenants would call upset because their clothes were not drying, and this was due to the birds nesting in the vents. As we pulled the nests out, the birds were relentless and continually worked at reentering. Our problem was, louver style vents would crack with time and with this; the louvers actually helped the birds make entry. We then tried the grill style vents and found it was effective to keep birds out, however it also kept dryer lint in. This became time consuming and expensive because we had to keep removing the buildup of lint, and it was not worth the risk of a dryer fire in our apartment buildings.

Finally we purchased a product and gave it a try. We put on the No Pest Vent from P-tec Products and have had no birds and no more calls from upset tenants with drying problems. To my understanding the plastic is high quality UV stable so it has not warped or changed in the eight plus years since we installed them. The dual door closes when not in use, so whether it’s heat or A/C you’re striving to keep inside, it does not escape as louvers would allow.

This is the only vent we install on our 135 apartment complex, and our pest problems have been resolved. Our tenants are happy they can dry their clothes, and we are happy with lowered maintenance due to this high quality vent.


Owner and Manager, County View North Apartments

I’ve been inundated with mice in my basement on and off for years. After sealing every nook and cranny down there, I could only figure my dryer vent was the culprit. Lint would get caught in its hinged door. I searched the internet for a different type of vent, and came across the PTEC No Pest dryer vent and ordered one. When it came, I was skeptical. It wasn’t very substantial, but I was desperate by this time, catching 6 mice already. I put it in very easily, and caught two more that must have already been in my basement. After that no more! I cleaned out, and baited my “no kill” traps two more times, even putting my suet cakes on the floor down there—– nothing! I’ve checked the dryer vent door for lint, and none! So, in closing, don’t be turned off by the simplicity of this product, it just flat-out works!