Why No-Pest Vent

Designed for Maximum Airflow

When the vent is open, the clear opening allows for maximum airflow, which decreases clothes drying time, helps take the fog off your bathroom mirror and saves money on energy. The air is able to flow freely without the usage of lint-clogging screens.

Tightly Sealed to Keep Pests Out

When the vent is closed, the dual door design creates a complicated barrier that keeps out pests. It seals tightly, so even wasps or other insects cannot make a home inside. An added benefit is that it also seals out wind and drafts from pushing through into your home.

Compare No-Pest Vent

See how the No-Pest Vent stacks up against our competitors’ products.

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 No lint-clogging screen or multiple flaps decreases fire hazard  
 Dual doors keep all pests out    
 Dual doors prevent drafts eliminating the need for an additonal back draft damper    
 Lowered energy costs through increased airflow efficiency    
 Clean and simple look    

How to Install

Installation is easy, and most jobs require only a power drill. Find downloadable PDF instructions as well as video demonstrations for your No Pest Vent on our How to Install page.