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Installation + Maintenance Instructions

Specific installation and maintenance instructions can be found on under their respective tabs on product pages.

Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty

Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase.

If the item is returned:

  • The customer must pay a shipping fee
  • The customer must pay a restocking fee
  • The vent must be unused and in new condition
  • Payment will be refunded depending on condition of the vent

Common Problems FAQ

Q: How does the No-Pest Vent keep birds out?
A: With our dual-door design, if pests are able to open the first of dual-doors, they cannot get past the second.
Q: Does it take more airflow to open two doors rather than just one?
A:  Our design provides higher air efficiency than any of our competitors.  The dual-doors open with ease, unlike airflow restricting vents that have stationary doors or a ball to keep in suspension.
Q: Will I need to install a screen onto the vent?
A: No, screens are a violation of code. They plug lint, which increases maintenance, lowers efficiency and can create a fire hazard.
Q: Have any improvements been made to the product?
A: Yes, we believe in continuous improvement, which is why we are continually implementing changes and releasing new products based on our customer’s feedback.
Q: Can I paint the No-Pest Vent?
A: Yes, as long as the paint is plastic-adhering.

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I have been using the P-Tec No Pest Vent Cover for more than three years. I was impressed with this product from the first time I saw it, but have become increasingly impressed as improvements have been made over time based on suggestions from the field…

The “dual door” design allows for consistent positive closure and in my opinion makes this product the most energy efficient vent cover on the market. Besides it’s pest resistance and energy efficiency benefits, this vent cover is nice looking and relatively easy to install.

I have been very pleased to offer this product to my customers and have received extremely positive feedback from all that have allowed me to install it on their home or business. Robb Vandenberg

Owner, Dryer Vent Wizard of Northeast Wisconsin