Keep pests out of your home with the No-Pest Vent.

Our exclusive design keeps birds, rodents, bugs and other pests out of your dryer and bathroom vents while reducing home energy costs. It’s the safest most efficient vent on the market.

Product Features

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Keep Out Pests

Our exclusive dual door design prevents pests like birds, rodents and insects from entering your home.

Save Money

With best-in-class airflow, the No-Pest Vent increases appliance efficiency and cuts energy costs. It also decreases drafts to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Easy Installation & Cleaning

No-Pest Vents are easily installed, and cleaning is recommended only once per year.

Safer Home

The No-Pest Vent reduces lint build up and meets code safety requirements, unlike screens or mesh designs.

Customer Testimonial

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I cannot say enough good things about the No-Pest Vent from P-tec Products Inc! I own and operate a Dryer Vent Wizard franchise and have been installing these vents for the past 3 and a half years since I started my business.

I have installed them on about 300 homes, and I guarantee each one to my customers, that if a bird is ever able to get into the vent pipe through this vent cove I will happily come out and remove the nest at no charge for as long as they live in the house. Not even one of those 300 customers has called me to say that a bird or any other pest has managed to get into the vent pipe!

This is far and away the most effective pest-proof vent cover I have found, and these covers do not use any kind of screen or cage to keep the birds out, so it cannot become clogged with lint and is therefore much safer to use than a screen or cage. Every home should have the No-Pest Vent if there are any birds living in the vicinity of the home. Thank you P-tec Products Inc. for a truly wonderful product that lives up to its billing!

Paul Baum

Franchise Owner, Dryer Vent Wizard

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P-tec Products, Inc., a family-owned company dedicated to the philosophy of continuous improvement, was founded in 2006.