Fresh Air Intake Vent


The best choice for people looking to install a pest-free intake for a furnace room, utility room, or fireplace.


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The Fresh Air Intake can be used for any furnace room, utility room, and fireplace applications.

  • Keep out birds, rodents, scorpions and more!
  • Installs in minutes, cleans in seconds

Features & Specs

  • Available in 4” and 6” diameter
  • 4”: 6 7/8” width X 7 1/2” height
  • 6”: 8 7/8” width X 9 1/2” height
  • Styled like the Wide Mount No-Pest Vent
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Meets US Building Codes
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


For Best Results

  1. Assemble tube and attach to faceplate with seam oriented up.
  2. Choose which set of holes you want to use, then insert screws into the faceplate.
  3. Push the tip of the screw through the thin skinned hole area, then insert the tube into the vent opening.
  4. Fasten faceplate to the building with screws using a concealed or exposed mounting pattern, turn in the screws to establish a flat surface.

Important Notes

  • Two sets of holes are skinned over, which is where the screws can be inserted.
  • Do not overtighten screws.


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