J-Block Vent / Wide Mount Vent


Popular for contractors with new construction or homeowners installing new siding, this vent is the most accommodating. With adaptability to thicker siding and wider mounting capabilities, there’s nothing this vent can’t do.


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Our most universal product, ideal for contractors and siding work, the J-Block / Wide Mount Vent can be used with the included J-Block flange OR without the flange as just a Wide Mount vent. The vent is installed over exhaust ducts like: clothes dryer, bathroom, stove or range hood.

  • Accommodates 1/2 to 1 inch thick siding.
  • Save money with increased airflow and decreased drafts
  • Keep out birds, insects, rodents, scorpions and more!
  • Magnetic outer door retention to prevent door flapping in gusty conditions
  • Safer than traditional vents with reduced lint-build-up
  • Installs in minutes, cleans in seconds
  • Reduced clothes drying time

Features & Specs

  • Accommodates 1/2 to 1 inch thick siding
  • 4” diameter
  • 6 7/8” width X 7 1/2” height
  • 12 inch long duct tube
  • Exclusive Dual Door design
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Reduces clothes drying time
  • Lowers dryer fire hazards
  • Fully closed design that excludes birds, rodents and insects
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Meets US Building Codes
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


Download Installation Instructions as PDF

J-Block Installation

  1. Center the nail flange over the vent hole of the building and secure it into place.
  2. Install siding around the nail flange opening.
  3. Assemble tube, then attach to faceplate with seam oriented up. Make sure all pre-stamped snaps are secure.
  4. Insert tube through the nail flange and into the hole in the building. Snap the faceplate into the nail flange, and adjust it to the thickness of the siding.
  5. Confirm the faceplate is level, the doors are flush, and the vent closes securely.
  6. Optional: Seal the top and sides of the faceplate with silicone if needed.

Wide-Mount Only Installation

  1. Assemble tube and attach to faceplate with seam oriented up. Make sure all pre-stamped snaps are secure.
  2. Insert tube through the hole in the building and confirm the faceplate is level.
  3. Fasten faceplate to building with screws using the premolded concealed or exposed mounting pattern. Use screws that are appropriate for the building material your vent is attaching to.
  4. Confirm both doors close are flush to the mount or adjust screws as needed.
  5. Optional: Seal the top and sides of the faceplate with silicone if needed.

Important Notes

  • Wide Mount installation may require the removal of surplus J-Block snaps – only for J-block vent. The wide mount only vent does not have snaps on the back.
  • Do not overtighten screws or this will deform the faceplate and the doors will not be flush when closed.
  • When attaching the metal tube to the faceplate, the seam must be at the top or it will not allow for proper door closer.
  • When installing the vent, it is important to hang the mounting plate vertical or slightly inward at the top for a better door seal.
  • Recycle unused nail flange -not needed for the wide mount. This applies to the J-block vent.


  • Ducts can be cleaned with lint brush from either side of the vent
  • Multi-story cleaning is possible from the inside without using a ladder
  • Annual Cleaning recommended


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